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Kaifeng chunhua gas technology co., LTD. / kaifeng chuntai cryogenic equipment co., LTD. Is located in the high-tech development zone of kaifeng city, henan province (one of the top ten national development zones with the most investment potential in China), adjacent to longhai railway in the south and huaihe high-speed in the north.The company covers an area of nearly 80000m squared, and its plant facilities are about 38000m squared. It is a key enterprise in China's gas separation industry.
The company mainly designs, manufactures and installs complete sets of air separation equipment, and integrates scientific research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and debugging, operation and maintenance, and consulting services.The company developed 30,000 complete sets of air separation equipment 160000Nm/ large centrifugal air compressor units, which were awarded the national torch project certificate in May 2010.

Excellent technical team

Cryogenic technology development

Professional gas operation team

The enterprise culture:innovation realistic unity struggle

Innovation:Technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation, sales innovation, service innovation

realistic: Step by step;We should not aim too high, pursue the ocean too far, seek truth from facts, and proceed from reality.

unity:Unity is power, and only with concerted efforts can we be dominant in the market.

struggle:Opportunity is equal, only when you love to work hard can you win. Only when you keep striving and forging ahead can you stay ahead forever.

Corporate values:

quality:Quality is the first, quality is the life of the enterprise;

There is no best, only better;Adhere to zero - defect production, for users dedicated quality

Management concept:Everything is market-oriented, centering on the market, serving the market, developing the market and regulating the market.

Service functions:Users are always god, with user satisfaction as the highest goal, for users dedicated love.

talent:Talent training, talent training, talent reuse, talent cohesion, the best use of talent.

Manages view:Put people first, promote modern management, set up incentive mechanism, stimulate creativity and innovation consciousness, and give full play to the maximum benefit.

The business goal

Establish chunhua brand, expand the domestic and foreign markets, and become a modern enterprise with industry influence.

Kaifeng Chunhua Gas Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise dedicated to development of gas industrial, supply gas to customer site and retail gas distribution, specialized in the production of oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other industrial gas.